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              50th Anniversary
      Bumper Issue - 5 reasons for

             reading this issue...

Dear Members,

To commemorate the Fiftieth Publication Anniversary, the first two issues of 2016,
                 51.1 and 51.2, are combined to form a bumper issue. Interviews are conducted on the
                 President as the Prominent Surveyor, three Senior Surveyors, three Lady Surveyors and
                 two Young Surveyors.

                 We are honoured to have the privilege to interview Dato’ President himself, up-close
                 and personal. The Senior Surveyors are interviewed to have their opinions on the
surveying profession as a whole; providing an assessment of the surveying profession using SWOT
analysis; examine the roles of regulatory boards and RISM in promoting the surveying profession;
how the respective surveying disciplines could expand into regional or international markets; what
are the new business opportunities and finally, advice for young surveyors.

Three senior Lady Surveyors, PP Sr Dr. Wan Maimum bt Wan Abdullah, Dato’ Sr Lau Wai Seang
and Sr Norizan bt Sulaiman are interviewed to discuss about the challenges lady surveyors faced
when carrying out their professional responsibilities and duties. The surveying disciplines provide
interesting career opportunities and pathways. Young surveyors who are having interesting and
promising jobs are interviewed. Sr Lenny has one of the most interesting and challenging job as a
Hydrographic Surveyor – read the interview at page 35. Likewise Sr Kok Chin Yee of PMVS Division
has a promising start.

There is also an interview with the Editor. The interview traces changes to The Malaysian Surveyor
(TMS), the challenges in managing TMS, the creation of International Surveying Research Journal
(ISrJ), significance of the “ISrJ” acronym and others.

Lastly, Prof. Sr Dr. Azlan Shah Ali provides an overview on the current challenges faced by building
surveyors in developing the profession. Read all about the challenges in the article entitled,
“Development of Building Surveying Profession in Malaysia:
Current State and Challenges”.

The Editorial Board had worked laboriously to provide the best
possible interviews for the benefits of RISM members by providing
perspectives from the past, present and future, gender perspective
and the young surveyors perspective. I hope this special issue
provides useful perspectives and weighted opinions from the
wisdoms of our Senior Surveyors.

It is an honour for me to be given the opportunity to be the Editor
for The Malaysian Surveyor for the past six years. It is time to pass
on the batton so that new dynamic ideas and changes can further
improve the journal. Thank you.

                                                 Professor Sr Dr. Ting Kien Hwa FRISM, FRICS

                                                                                                                   Chief Editor, Editorial Board
                                                                                                                           (Session 2013-2016)
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