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Vol.52 No.2 2017

          RISM 57th Session President


                                                 Interview conducted by Sr Victor Huang Hua

Born in the state of Penang, she started her primary education in Singapore
and completed her secondary education at Technical Institute Ipoh, majoring in
Commerce. She has a Bachelor in Survey in Property Management from Universiti
Teknologi Malaysia and an MBA in Real Estate from the University of Western
Sydney, Australia.

                                                      CAREER PATH

        She is a registered real estate valuer and
                                                                                                       practiced for 35 years in the Valuation
                                                                                                       and Property Services Department
                                                                                                       (JPPH), under the Ministry of Finance
                                                                                                       Malaysia; of which half of this period she
                                                                                                       held the post of State Valuation Director
                                                                                      for the states of Sarawak, Kuala Lumpur, Penang and
                                                                                      Perak. Her last posting was at the Headquarters of
                                                                                      JPPH, helming the Valuation Services Division which
                                                                                      vets and approves major valuation cases throughout
                                                                                      She is also a practicing Certified Intellectual Property
                                                                                      Valuer (CIPV), a joint certification by the Intellectual
                                                                                      Property Corporation of Malaysia and the University
                                                                                      of Bern, Switzerland.

                                                      PROFESSIONAL ENGAGEMENTS

                                                                                      Since the 1980s, she had been involved actively
                                                                                      with RISM. To date she has 6 Sessions serving in
                                                                                      the General Council, of which 1 Session each was
                                                                                      as the Chair of the Northern Branch and the Vice
                                                                                      President of the PS Division, and 2 Sessions each
                                                                                      as the Honorary Secretary General and the Deputy

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