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The Malaysian Surveyor

RECOGNITIONS                                                         Looking at the membership statistics, except for
                                                                     the GLS Division, the other three Divisions have near
She had been recognised by the industry with various                 equal number of both gender. As for the student
awards. Her home state, Penang, acknowledges her                     membership, the proportion of ladies out-numbered
professional and social responsibility contributions,                men, hence I do expect more lady presidents in the
and bestowed her the Bintang Cemerlang Negeri (BCN),                 future!
the Darjah Johan Negeri (DJN), and the Darjah Setia
Pangkuan Negeri (DSPN) which carries the title Dato’.           3. My plans and aspirations in this Session … In the
                                                                     56th AGM on 19th May 2017, I had shared with our
The RISM 57th President received her Chain of Office                  members the four areas I am undertaking, namely:
from His Royal Highness Sultan of Selangor at the 56th
Annual Dinner on 20th May 2017. Here is an interview                 a. Expansion of Professional Services
with the President 100 days into her office commencing                b. Skills and Knowledge Enhancement
from the 21st May 2017.                                              c. Recognition and Branding, and
                                                                     d. Outreach and Surveyors Social Responsibility.
1. My thoughts for being elected the 57th RISM
     President Session 2017/2018... I thank the                      On the 25th May 2017, at our 1st General Council
     last General Council for placing its trust in me                Meeting, I told the Councillors not to walk with me!
     and electing me to helm RISM for the Session                    Instead, please run with me! A Session in office is
     2017/2018. This is my 7th term in the General                   actually a short time. Now, 100 days into my term, I
     Council and I believe my past experiences will be               like to report the following deliveries:
     useful for me to build further upon the building
     blocks of the past presidents and steer RISM to                 a. Firstly, Expansion of Professional Services,
     greater heights.                                                     looking into expanding our services to a wider
                                                                          horizon and undertaking initiatives along services
2. My thoughts for being the second lady President of                     such as Green Auditing and Value Determination
     the institution ... I feel whatever ranking we are in the            of Businesses and Intangible Assets; well, steps
     Presidency, it’s just a number. The novelty appears                  are undertaken now to ink a Memorandum
     to be that I am a lady and Presidents of almost all                  of Agreement (MoA) with the World Trade
     professional bodies are men! But we are now in                       Institute (WTI) of University of Bern, Switzerland
     a digital disruption age, Industry 4.0, there really                 to conduct accredited courses for Intangible
     should not be gender-biased in a top post or for that                Assets. The Intangible Assets Committee which I
     matter being a surveyor.                                             am chairing is also about to publish the Guidance
                                                                          Notes on Intangible Assets Valuation.
      The RISM 57th President
         received her Chain of                                       b. The second area, that of Skills and Knowledge
         Office from His Royal                                             Enhancement, already witnessed the setting up
          Highness Sultan of                                              of 2 centres under the recently-formed RISM
         Selangor at the 56th                                             Academy, namely the Centre of Knowledge
        Annual Dinner on 20th                                             Enhancement (C-KEn) and the Centre of
                May 2017.                                                 Competency Advancement (C-CAd). C-KEn is
                                                                          now running activities of enhancing the current
                                                                          competencies while C-CAd had also started
                                                                          activities of up-scaling the current competencies.

                                                                     c. Recognition and Branding, the third area,
                                                                          involves recognition of RISM members as well
                                                                          as industry players through RISM and related-
                                                                          industry awards, as well as nominations of RISM
                                                                          members for Federal and State awards.

                                                                          For recognition of members, the General Council
                                                                          had endorsed recommendations for 2 state

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