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Vol.52 No.2 2017

     The 20 years old outdated subsidy rates for                No man or woman is an
     RISM members to participate in events locally or           island. Teamwork is vital
     oversea is being reviewed to reflect current costs.        in achieving milestones.
     With this it is hoped members will be encouraged
     to fly the RISM flag by attending events either as   4. The people supporting these milestones … No man
     speakers or delegates.                                    or woman is an island. Teamwork is vital in achieving
                                                               milestones. I give credit to my 26 committed
     As for branding, the ‘Sr’ Certification Mark               Councillors, especially the Hon. Secretary General
     registration, the IP right protection which I             and the Hon. Treasurer General, who have been very
     mooted some 4 years ago, had been lodged                  dedicated.
     with MyIPO on 30th May 2017, and it is now
     at the stage of being gazetted for public                 The Secretariat had shown better productivity after
     announcement.                                             reorganising it structurally and with the inclusion
                                                               of a few new faces. Increased digital interventions
     The masthead for RISM will now include contact            provide more efficient storing and retrieval of
     details of our branches.                                  information too as well as monitoring disciplines.
                                                               For consistency of management, a Human Resource
     A standardised banner will also be used for RISM          Policy will be introduced for the first time. This will
     events.                                                   aid future Presidents and Councillors in managing
                                                               the Secretariat, instead of the current practice where
     An e-newsletter named Connection, consisting of           little references are available.
     happenings in headquarters and all branches, is to
     be floated this early September, with the aim that   5. My intolerance … I have a high intolerance to
     members are better informed and are able to learn         tardiness and untimely deliverance of work! That
     from each other.                                          is why I expect myself to perform a task well and I
                                                               always set datelines for job completions.
     A Press Statement to the print, online and
     broadcast media, copied to Presidents of allied      6. Virtues in life … These have to be the guiding
     professions, explaining the roles of the Valuers          principles in my life! Well, many, but the one I
     to include property management was released by            subscribe most is Good Begets Good, What Goes
     me on the 5th August 2017. This was to defend             Around Comes Around! So always be truthful, honest
     the profession due to attacks by politicians              and transparent. I also believe in being humble all the
     ahead of the debate of the Valuers, Appraisers,           time and to do my best when undertaking a task.
     Estate Agents (Amendment) Bill, 2017 at the
     Dewan Rakyat.                                        7. Parting words … There is so much talk about
                                                               readiness of digital infostructure. But the machines
d. Lastly, initiatives on Outreach and Surveyors               and the digital architectures need human
     Social Responsibility (SSR) involve events or             interventions to make them work. That calls for
     programmes on the sports and social platform              capacity development. The surveying industry is no
     for the enjoyment of members, their families              exception! The need to upscale our knowledge and
     and friends; but along the way some profit is              competency should be a life-long commitment!
     made for RISM to reach out or give back to the
     society. There will also be sessions whereby our
     members will interact with the public to afford
     basic advices to them.

     On this Outreach initiative, the knowledge-
     sharing under C-KEn includes short talks which
     are opened to the public but at a very low cost,
     and had to date received good participations
     from the public and students.

     As for SSR project, a run is being planned for
     participation by members and non-members.

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