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Understanding the Idea of Lifestyle Housing from Developers’ Perspective
                                                                                                                          Vol.52 No.2 2017

and Sustainability (LOHAS). The content analysis of the marketing webpages focused
on determining the lifestyle typology, marketing keywords and facilities and features
offered. Results showed that most of the schemes comprised LOHAS at more than one
third of the sample, the top three marketing keywords being “Security”, “Community” and
“Green” and facilities and features most provided being swimming pool, green features and
landscape, sauna, steam room and jacuzzi, gym and yoga room and safety features.
It can be concluded developers’ products mainly fulfilled the lifestyle expectations of
house buyers, with a tendency of offering more holistic lifestyle housing products.

Keywords: Lifestyle housing, typologies, marketing

1.0 Introduction                           of need, which is self-actualisation   and establish branding. Lifestyle
                                           whereby a person is seen to finally     housing in this country is currently
The role of lifestyle as a                 achieve her/his fullest potential.     represented by luxury or high end
                  determinant of housing   In sum, housing preferences will       residential schemes that incorporate
                  choice has long been     correspond to the level of needs,      unique selling points on lifestyle
                  the subject of interest  as reflected in lifestyle housing      living and key living facilities and
                  in housing research.     typologies.                            features within the completed
                  Such studies have                                               development.
shown the link between lifestyle           In a rapidly developing economy,
variables such as age, family type,        housing provision in Malaysia has      Four main categories of lifestyle
family size, education level, etc. and     experienced significant evolution       housing relevant to this study are
residential preferences.                   from the 1990s. Changes in socio-      Gated and Guarded Communities
                                           economic factors such as income        (GACOs), Clubhouse Living, Green
In turn, the match between                 and education levels, household        and Landscaped Residence
residential lifestyle and residential      characteristics and social status      and Lifestyles of Health and
preferences has been said to               have influenced purchasers’ housing    Sustainability (LOHAS). However,
increase housing satisfaction. Most        preferences, especially in the major   these typologies were developed
of these studies were framed either        cities such as Kuala Lumpur, Petaling  based on “perceived mainstream
explicitly or implicitly by Abraham        Jaya, Shah Alam and Seremban.          needs and stereotypical lifestyle
Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs as the                                                ideas” of developers that have
basic premise. According to Maslow,        The local demand for housing is        remained unexamined in terms
man is motivated by five needs that         huge, in a market characterised        of their faithfulness to the true
are organised in ascending order i.e.      by an increasing number of the         definition. As such, it is not known
physiology, safety, love, esteem, and      middle-class that exert a substantial  if lifestyle housing has been
self-actualisation.                        purchasing power characterised         marketed correctly, or if each
                                           by conspicuous consumption.            typology provides the appropriate
As mentioned, man with any                 These socio-economic changes           facilities and features as per
subordinate need sated will move           among house purchasers have led        buyers’ expectations.
on to the higher order needs, and so       to lifestyle housing becoming a key
will his housing motivations. Thus, a      niche market segment for property      This study examines the selling
man who has secured physiological          developers.                            points and facilities and features of
needs from his dwelling will seek to                                              lifestyle housing in Malaysia based
have the next housing need satisfied,       The Malaysian housing industry         on developers’ lifestyle ideas. The
i.e. residential safety.                   has undergone a transformation         main research strategy is desk
                                           in recent years, with developers       research that adopted a content
The pattern will repeat until the          increasingly offering lifestyle-       analysis of the marketing webpage
occupant attains the highest level         based products to attract buyers       of lifestyle housing developments

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