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From The President's Desk Vol. 03

1st August 2022


Businesses today rely on cost information in order to keep an eye on market trends and changes. It is impossible to underrate the importance of  cost data within the built environment

For years, RISM had published construction cost information regularly through QS Division Building Information Cost Centre (BCIC). But being an organisation manned by volunteers, the information was not as substantial as they should be.

Concurrently, Construction Industry Development Board (CIDB) over the last 15 years had been publishing some cost data through the N3C (National Construction Cost Centre) website.

The catalyst was the Construction Industry Transformation Programme from 2016 to 2020 with one of the major thrusts of the programme was on how to improve productivity which include having reliable construction cost information.

So, BCISM was formed in July 2019 as a CIDB/RISM collaboration with the office situated at the Ground Floor of Bangunan Juruukur.  BCISM's mission is to provide credible and up-to-date cost information to the Malaysian construction industry, promote transparency and more equitable and competitive prices.

BCISM, led by forward thinking leading surveyors of the industry with their team of in house talents and systems, have kept the construction industry updated throughout the ever-shifting economic landscape

Their latest product is the National Construction Cost Centre (N3C) 2.0 portal. It is an online platform providing construction cost information which shares up-to-date pricing and indexes details such as Building Materials Prices, Labour Wage Rates, Machinery Hire Rates, Equipment Purchase Prices, 5 Indices and other similar data. N3C 2.0 provides reliable construction cost data to ease daily business planning.


To sum it all up, reliable cost data are necessary across the building lifecycle. To know more on

the BCISM Sdn. Bhd. innovation reach out to General Manager Ts. Edna Bujang Safawi at

[email protected] +603 7499 3784 / 3514 / 3402


Sr Dainna Baharuddin, CQS, FRISM, FRICS


Royal Institution of Surveyors Malaysia

Session 2022/2023

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