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International Surveying Research Journal (ISrJ) is an international journal dedicated to the publication of theoretical and empirical refereed articles, case studies or critical literature surveys in the field of surveying research and policy. The scope of the journal is international in two aspects: it presents to a worldwide readership a view of the surveying practices of particular countries, and it encourages knowledge sharing among researchers, policy makers and practitioners.

The purpose of the International Surveying Research Journal (ISrJ) serves to provide a forum for discussion and research to keep abreast of the new technologies developments and to stimulate research in the various surveying disciplines.

Guideline for contributors. Submission-Guidelines-ISrJ

Note: We welcome practice/technical and research article contributions from surveying practitioners and academics by sending them to [email protected].

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    TMS is quarterly publication which touches upon the development of the surveying profession, innovations in the surveying technology and surveyors' contribution towards market and building industry.

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