Young Achievers’ Award (YAA) 2021

RISM Young Achievers’ Award (YAA) 2021 is a competition organized by the Royal Institution of Surveyors Malaysia (RISM).

The competition is conducted by the Headquarters, Royal Institution of Surveyors Malaysia. The competition will be in two (2) stages and each participating team is required to pass the Preliminary stage before proceeding to the Final stage.

Any school wishing to participate in the competition has to register its entry through the RISM Website ( before 23rd February 2021. All such registration of entries will be notified by the organizer through email.

There is no admission charge to enter the competition. However, the participating schools are responsible for whatever costs incurred by their respective teams at the Preliminary stage of the competition.

Application and selection timeline –

25 January 2021 On-line Application Form Submission
23rd February 2021 Closing date for Registration
24th February 2021 Online Briefing / Competition Workshop via Webinar
22nd March 2021 Preliminary Entry Submission
23rd March 2021 Judging committees assess preliminaries submission
31st March 2021 Announcement of Preliminary Submissions results
31st March 2021 Final Guideline for Final Stage will be distributed to the Finalist
24th April 2021 Final Stage – More information to be disclosed in the Final Guideline for Final Stage

Kindly refer to the Handbook to see the most recent policies, regulation, and rules of the RISM YAA 2021 Competition: