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        The Malaysian Surveyor


        Stratified development has become the popular choice amongst the urban
        population in Malaysia leading to the development of mixed use development in
        view of the limited supply of land and the maximisation of return to the developer.
        However, there seems to be a lack of awareness of the governing provisions with

        respect to the management of the units of the mixed use development amongst the
        parcel owners as well as the managers. This paper attempts to highlight the current
        structure of provisions for the management of stratified properties in Malaysia and
        establish the likely issues faced in the management of the mixed use development.

        From interviews with experts, it is revealed that although there are improvements in
        the existing strata laws, there are still issues in the equitable share apportionment,
        the formation of the Limited Common Property, the duties of the Commissioner of
        Building and the awareness of the property managers and parcel owners towards

        the management of the mixed use development.

        Keywords: Mixed Use Development, Property Management, Stratified Units.

        1. Introduction                     Small Office Home Office (SOHO),    (TND), is a movement which
                                            Small Office Virtual Office (SOVO)   advocates a return to pre-World
            n recent years, more Malaysians   and even Small Office Flexible Office   War II suburban development, now
            are moving into stratified units,   (SOFO). These developments are   referred to by most as “sprawl”.
            especially in urban centres due   equipped with both residential usage   Essentially, New Urbanists envision
            to limited land availability (Azmin,   and business usage on a commercial   compact neighbourhoods comprised
            2006). Stratified development   land. These developments are        of a mix of residential housing
      Ihas become a major trend in          normally smaller and cheaper than   and commercial uses, pedestrian-
        Malaysia, especially in big cities   most of the residential units offered   friendly streets, large tracts of open
        which include Kuala Lumpur as       in the market. In addition, developers   space, and convenient access to
        developers often find stratified    have also induced the idea of having   mass transit. In a way, this concept
        developments are more profitable.   mixed  development in the current   is therefore applied to the current
        Higher amount of saleable units     property market whereby in one      capability where strata buildings
        can be produced in a stratified     stratified property would comprise   can be made for convenience
        development given the small area    several uses which include retail/  of users. However, with the
        of land required for a stratified   service apartment,  retail/hotel/   increasing development of strata
        development.                        service apartment and  even hotel/  titled property and legislations to
                                            service apartment.                  govern the property management
        Due to the scarcity of residential lots,                                of such property, there has been an
        developers have also induced an idea   According to Brown & Bonifay     increasing demand for professional
        of having a new concept of stratified   (2001), New Urbanism, also      property management skills. The
        development on commercial lands     commonly referred to as Neo         style of property management of a
        which includes developments like    Traditional Neighbourhood Design    mixed use strata development may

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