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        The Malaysian Surveyor


                                                               RISM and Its Future

                                                                      What are your visions and expectations
                                                               Q.for RISM and its members?
                                                               RISM now has about 11,000 members. It shows RISM
                                                               is relevant to those practising as surveyors in the built
                                                               environment. The public is becoming increasingly aware
                                                               of our “Sr’ title which is officially registered with under
                                                               the Trade Marks Act. RISM members need to continue
                                                               being relevant and proud of our “Sr” title. However,
                                                               we must remember the professional responsibilities
                                                               that come with it. We must ensure that we have high
                                                               competency standards and a code of conduct that the
                                                               public can respect.

                                                               RISM must also be relevant to the public and be the
                                                               centre of excellence in surveying. We can offer services
                                                               to the public and industry through our RISM Academy.
                                                               We have a Centre for Knowledge Enhancement and a
                                                               Center for Competency Enhancement. We can do more
                                                               programs through these centres. Recently our Board
                                                               of Building Management has done a lot of enhanced
                                                               renovation works to enhance our Bangunan Juruukur.
                                                               We have the capacity and resources to conduct courses
                                                               at RISM.
                                                               We recently signed a memorandum of corporation with
                                                               statutory bodies such as our Property Surveyors with
                                                               Jabatan Penilaian dan Perkhidmatan Harta Malaysia
                                                               (JPPH) and our Building Surveyors with NIOSH. All
             Figure 1: The President with his Generals
                                                               our previous cooperation and collaboration are now
                                                               formalised into a structured working framework in areas
                                                               of research, training, education and data information.
                                                               We will build on our different strengths and resources
                                                               for the benefit of the public, the profession and the
              In this respect, we aim                          country.
                 to be the centre for                          RISM must be in line with our vision, continue to provide

            construction information                           quality, value-added and comprehensive service to the
                                                               industry. In this respect, we aim to be the centre for
                and provide advisory                           construction information and provide advisory services
                                                               on construction economics. We are achieving this with
             services on construction                          the setting up of Building Cost Information Services
                       economics.                              Malaysia Sdn Bhd (BCISM) in conjunction with CIDB
                                                               where the public can download construction cost
                                                               information such as construction cost benchmark,
                                                               tender price index and construction material prices.
                                                               BCISM will also provide training services, cost
                                                               consultation and perhaps even extending to publishing
                                                               construction economic reports.
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