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        The Malaysian Surveyor

        Work Life Balance                                        the freedom to attend to RISM activities that I commit
                                                                 to; often without informing her in advance. But being
                                                                 the President of RISM comes with a whole new set of
               How do you maintain a work - life                 responsibilities as I now have to look into the activities
        Q.balance and especially as present                      of all four divisions. Thankfully, I have a very dedicated
               President of RISM?                                group of councillors to assist me in so many frontiers.
                                                                 To unwind, I go away for a few days to fish in solitude!
        I have been serving in various committees in RISM
        and Board of Quantity Surveyors Malaysia for many        As a family, we also make it a point to enjoy music
        years now. I have always been able to fit these roles    together. Soo Hwa being a music teacher, is a music
        into my professional work life because I have some       enthusiast and we always find time to attend musical
        very supportive partners in my company who like me,      concerts at the Petronas Philharmonic Hall every once
        believe in giving back to the profession. I also have a   in a while.
        very supportive and understanding wife who gives me

             Figure 2: President with the rest of the contingent during the visit to the United Nations HQ in December 2019.
            Photo taken  at The Capitol Building in Washington DC

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