Page 7 - Surveyor 54.3 and 4
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Vol.54  No.3 & 4  2019

        We are also organising the annual national seminar              What are your views on the
        on contemporary astronomy and sharing our                Q.misconceptions about Surveyors?
        knowledge of using celestial objects for the purpose of
        positioning, and determining latitudes and longitudes.   I think the public still has a lot to learn about surveyors.
        This seminar is attracting great interest among          Old mind sets still pigeon-hole us in a stereo-type way;
        government officials handling religious matters.         that land surveyor is one who looks into the theodolite
                                                                 and building surveyor only works with local authorities.
                                                                 We need to educate the public of our complete range
        Professional Services & the                              of services and how we can value add in the built
        Construction Industry                                    environment.

                                                                 In recent years and especially with multi-national
               What are your views on the quality                companies, the services of a Quantity Surveyors are
        Q.of construction projects and                           often term as “Cost and Commercial Consultancy
               professional services as delivered in             services”.  Much as we are proud of the brand “QS”

               the construction industry?                        we must start to adapt to a more modern expression
                                                                 of our services where the value-added aspects are
        RISM has attended many international conferences         immediately recognised.
        which gave us the opportunity to benchmark ourselves
        against global counterparts. I must say that in terms of   Pacific Association of Quantity
        technical expertise and professional services, we are
        comparable and can be competitive in every aspect        Surveyors (PAQS)
        and we are delivering these services locally.
                                                                        Congratulations on your appointment
        In terms of quality of construction, there are many
        developers and contractors who take pride in their the Chairman for PAQS 2019/2020.
        product. You can see from recent advertisements of             What are your plans for PAQS?
        those projects winning local awards that the design      PAQS is a coalition of 15 quantity surveyors and cost
        concepts are well translated to actual good quality      engineering national associations from 14 countries.
                                                                 I am indeed honoured to be elected as their Chairman
                                                                 for this 2-year session. PAQS provides a regional
        Global Challenges and                                    platform for the Quantity Surveying profession to
        Misconceptions                                           benchmark against each other and foster a community
                                                                 of leaders for the profession. We will continue to
                                                                 work together in areas of research, innovations with
               What are the ways to improve the                  BIM, sustainability and accreditation of academic
        Q.future of the surveying profession in                  programmes, all for the betterment of the profession.
               facing local and global challenges?               My personal wish is to ultimately see the mobility of
                                                                 cost management professionals across the region.
        The recent advancement in geospatial information,
        augmented reality and blockchain in real estate
        and 5-D BIM are among the rapid changes in the           The Younger Generation
        built environment industry that will affect all of us.
        Someone once said that we must change with time                 What are your advice to future
        unless we are big enough to change time.                 Q.professionals entering the

        We must always try to be “one up” on these changes             construction industry?
        or perceived challenges. I do not mean to say we         Even with all the rapid technological and Artificial
        have to be market leaders all the time, but we must      Intelligence driven changes to our industry, I want to
        embrace and understand the changes in order to           tell all future professionals entering the construction
        remain relevant so that the public have confidence in    industry, that we will never be a sunset industry.
        us and understand our scope of services. We can do       Construction is a major multiplier of economic growth.
        this individually on a continuous personal development   However, we must move with times and find new roles
        basis or in a bigger picture, through RISM on issues     and services for ourselves in the industry in line with
        that will benefit the industry as a whole.               technological advances.

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